Bagienna – Chyby

Bagienna – Chyby

A detached house with a strong and modern shape is located on a picturesque plot in the vicinity of Lake Kierskie. It is a perfect example of our philosophy of designing the interior concurrently with the architecture of the property.

  • For: a family
  • Type: a detached house
  • Area: 442 m2
  • Scope of works: architecture + interior + furnishing

This results in thoughtful solutions for its residents. The spacious, open living room and avant-garde kitchen create a space full of light. Thanks to the frequent use of glazing, the interior gains commodiousness and a sense of space.

The house also has 4 bedrooms, a capacious wardrobe, 5 bathrooms, an office, and a gym. There is a long swimming pool next to the house and several terraces providing direct contact with nature.

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