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We offer comprehensive service in the Premium housing investment sector (houses, apartments, residences, tenement houses)

We offer comprehensive service in the Premium housing investment sector (houses, apartments, residences, tenement houses).

We provide service at all stages of the investment - design, implementation and equipment facilities, at the highest level. Design work and supervision at the execution stage are carried out by a team of the best designers and specialists, as per the current international technical and aesthetic standards.

Intensive inter-branch coordination of architecture and installation projects, as well as selection of spatial solutions, is aimed at ensuring fulfillment of the needs of users, observed on many levels.

With the utmost care, we take care of the finest details of the finish and room arrangement.


  • conceptual, construction, tender and executive projects,
  • realization of the entire administrative path to obtain a Construction Permit (PnB),
  • execution of construction and finishing works
  • author’s supervision during implementation,
  • ordering interior furnishings, coordination of deliveries - turnkey delivery.


Our philosophy

We build identity with individuality.

We value tradition and elegance. We believe that classics in architecture is timeless and always full of nobility and prestige. Skillfully enriched with contemporary accents, it wraps with peace, coziness and is always in good taste. It allows for extraordinary finesse in architecture, especially interior design.

We specialize in individual, stylish realizations, similar in style to the artistry of classical, renaissance architecture, full harmony and sophistication.

We propose a turn towards tradition and family roots, as well as personalized architecture by using accents of family crests and initials.

Furniture and other customized interior elements are hand-made in our carpentry workshop by award-winning wood carvers with several decades of experience.

The colors and designed interior decorations smoothly fit the selected style

of the building’s architecture.

We create a comfortable private space, enabling discretion in individual rooms and at the same time nurturing closeness of shared moments.


Maria Sipińska-Małaszyńska

Dr. Eng. Maria Sipińska Małaszyńska, chief designer and owner of the design studio

She gained her professional experience and education in Poland and abroad - in the USA, Italy and the Netherlands.

She obtained the title of Master of Architecture Engineer at the Faculty of Architecture of the Poznan University of Technology, and at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology she defended her title of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

She is an expert in the field of architectural psychology. Architecture psychology is a dynamically developing field, which has a fundamental impact on the creation of architectural compositions, both in the field of interior architecture and building architecture.

She also studied in Italy, at Politecnico di Milano and in Holland, at the Academy of Architecture at the College of Fine Arts in Tilburg.

Maria Sipińska-Małaszyńska also co-hosted inter-university cooperation with the American New Jersey Science and Technology University, New Jersey School of Architecture as a representative of the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznan University of Technology.

She completed her first years of practice as an architect in New York, in the studio of a world-renowned architect, Richard Meier. Richard Meier also took the role of MA thesis supervisor of Maria, who won the competition of the Mayor of Poznań for the best master’s thesis.

She also gained knowledge and inspiration during her internships at Italian and Polish studios, and in her domestic Architectural Studio of Ewa and Stanisław Sipiński, one of the more prestigious studios in Poland (sipinski.com.pl).

She holds executive and design powers, without limitations, granted by the National Chamber of Polish Architects. She is a member of the Mazovian Regional Chamber of Polish Architects


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Our studio belongs to the prestigious group of the “Firma Rodzinna” foundation. As an expert in the field of office and industrial construction, we conducted a series of lectures on construction investments in family businesses in Poland.

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